Sunday, August 24, 2008

If It's creative, count me in!

Cruising the web this a.m. I found some tasty,creative things on (one of the best places I waste time and spend money!) My favorite thing to do is "pounce" for new items that are undiscovered:)

I found a couple of these things when I typed the search word 'recycle'. Admist the gum wrapper sculptures and macramé plant hangers these treasures stood out to me. Check it:

Made out of a spoon...called a Serial tells a story. I love stories look at Yipestoo's Store:

and this...

And old record made into a sweet bowl! by Chickalookate: How perfect would a bowl out of my mom's Sound of Music record be?


A necklace made out of old wallpaper samples- pretty rad, I'd say. Jewelera's Sight:

And of course my ECO find of the day!

reusable eco-friendly dryer sheets. I love the different fabrics they offer and the scent sounds divine!ReFabulous: (ReFabulous is a cool name..good job!)

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