Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More and Less

It's Christmastime. I don't really need more of anything material-wise. Being asked what I want makes me think about what I could use more of, though . This is my list of things I would like. It is an eclectic somewhat mordant list to say the least but you all are asking so here it is:

I would like more :


I would like to laugh until I make the wierd kackle noise in my throat and my guts feel like they may explode. I haven't silent laughed in a while. You know ,the kind where you are sure you may pass out if you don't catch your breath and quit convulsing!? I need more of that.



in friendships, my marriage, family relationships, my thoughts and my motives. Moving so quickly from one thing to another leaves me feeling shallow a lot of the time. The shallow end is not for me. You can do much more in the deep end of life.




real ones...that my cats can lick and not die. I love real plants. My friend Amy had a gaggle of plants in her apartment in college. It was a small place but it was so homey because of the life that was crawling and creeping along the coutnertops and windowsills.. good memories.



i.e.: road trips, traveling, surprises, endeavors etc.


mostly to spend with my husband. We both work and he goes to school. The other nights of the week for us are full ususally. Maybe instead of free time I need to make the most of the time I do have? Check!



PLEASE! help! I need something artsy, classy, foreign (not Tequilas) or refined STAT.




amidst all the routine and to-do lists my spirit has gotten a bit lost and regimented along the way. I need to free that puppy up and really live. I would like it back, please.


Things I would like less of:


I am a no-lines on the paper kind of girl. Lately my life has been a bit to college ruled and routine. While I do love a good to do list (the house cleaning type, or the grocery list), I don't like a piece of paper or a outlook calendar telling me what to do all of the time. 1154_boygirl_todo_full


my toes are always like ice. I would like to be able to feel them again.


I have pant issues



unless they are on Richard Gere- keep them away from me.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Safe and Secure

Maybe... we will see.
We got broken into over Thanksgiving. Which was really annoying to say the least. a. it's just a mean thing to do especially over the holidays and b. we had to end our time up north of Chicago two days early with people we hardly ever get to see. THAT is what got my goat the most.
I've never been a big freaker outer when it comes to feeling safe in this "interesting town" but I have been pretty cautions about being locked up etc. especially when we leave and go out of town. My theory is this: obviously the people who broke in needed our stuff more than we did. Fine. AND if a robber wants in, they'll find a way even if you have pit bulls and dobermans waiting at your door for them. They may lose a leg or something but nevertheless- they will find a way. Many people felt it was their obligation to tell us what we did wrong home security-wise and other wise. My favorite line from someone was "you were asking for it". Nope. I don't think we were so much. ' Gotta love those encouragers. Then, there were some who just wanted to help in any way possible(I appreciate the latter more). While my privacy was invaded and that definitely isn't OK with me, I feel quite peaceful about it all. Things happen. Life lesson learned. We were taken care of by loved ones while we waited for the insurance (which definitely was worth waiting for) so we had much to be thankful for in spite of the annoyance of being broken into. Some people that we would have never suspected, gave to us selflessly. That was really precious. So see, There is a shiny side to every penny. Even if that penny gets stolen from you!
here are some before and after pics of our door.
This is after our friend, Seth, and his dad Mark temporarily fixed it while we were en route from Chicago.
And our new and improved "no, we aren't 'asking for it' " door.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Official Christmas Photos

These are the pictures that are included on our Christmas cards this year. One is of us on vacation this past summer, the other is of our entire famil. Yes-our cats. Dante and Lola are a part of our family so why wouldn't they be included? They both hated the posing part (as is easy to see in the picture) but admired the finished product.

Until the day we can afford $500 sitting fees with extraordinary photographers our timed self- portraits will do just fine. My photographic visions of grandeur are feebly attempted by my dying cracked camera along with the help of online photo editing. Still, one day..

Also, the photo Christmas greeting card as a whole is getting a bit overdone, I think. I was going through all of my cards from people last year and most of them were the 4x8 photo greetings. As I had mine made this year I wondered, "how many people are really going to keep a picture of us on vacatation along with a double cat photo up on the fridge all year long?"

I think I may abandon this over used trendy tradtion and do something more "us" next year.

Ideas include: sending a.) snowballs in the mail and/or b.) homemade gfits from the cats.

"Tis the season!