Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Crazy Cat Lady"? Shoot! That's a Compliment!

I get made fun of a lot for my cat whispering ways. But that's OK. Despite the perceived uncoolness by others of me being a crazy cat lady I think that there is much to be missed by not treating animals like the precious little gifts they are. I'm not saying I think that they have all the rights we do. But I do think that people miss out on a lot by not getting to know animals. Take for instance my Lola. She loves to snuggle in the a.m., she likes for me to pick her up and show her my closet in the morning so she can sniff the clothes. Such a girl. She loves to be in the kitchen, sometimes unwelcomed on the counter, when I am cooking. See the below picture of her helping me knead the biscuit dough the other night. She likes to chase her tail. She is self entertaining and I can appreciate that. Dante' loves to drink from the faucet in the morning while I get ready. And he loves the occasional blast from the hair dryer on his belly. He likes to be held like a baby but only in the afternoons. So why do these kinds of things warrant a blog post? Because, while they are mear cats to you, they are my brood that I love to nurture. They bring me joy and they are awesome little creations (that stink sometimes) and are keeping my nurturing skills on standby for my future children. In no way will being a crazy cat mom compare to me being a mom to my future babies but for now, it works. And I am grateful that I have 2 little black cats at home that are crazy about me. So until the real baby days, I'm fine with being crazy about them too.

Look at Those Melons

We are starting to harvest all of our goods from our garden. We have gotten a bushel of beans, some sugar snap peas,green peppers,yellow cherry tomatoes and some squash. John got frustrated with our baby yellow tomatoes and ripped the bush clean out of the ground. I think he liked the planting of the seed and not so much the nurturing part. Sounds like a man,huh? This doesn't matter to me though. I love(d) going out and watering the garden, weeding it, picking and pruning and watering then gingerly picking off any little pests or nuisances. I think that I may have a career in gardening or farming if all else fails. I did, after all, score the highest on agriculture on my career aptitude test.

Check out the pics of what we have so far. I have a feeling our watermelons are going to be huge! The plant has taken over our garden and has branched out into the back yard outside of the plot. We go on vacation next week. I am praying that everything survives.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ok well, I'm starving. Not literally but sort of. I am really really hungry.

Since my tonsillectomy a week ago I have been able to eat carby, soft, mushy, bland foods. And that even depends on my throat's mood at that given moment. You would think smoothies would be fine but last night I took one drink of my smoothie and started freaking out crying because it felt like I was swallowing rusty razors rather than a SMOOTHie not smooth in the least. On my free time between stomach growls I think of things like Chinese food, fresh veggies, just food in general. I'm not wasting away or anything but I sure am hungry! This makes me more empathetic for those who don't get to eat on a regular basis. Seriously. I think when my stomach is growling and my stomach acids are churning about what it must be like not to have the food to eat even if you could eat it. I've taken food for granted, I suppose. That sounds weird. Grabbing a snack here and there, picking up a bag of chips at the store, munching continuously throughout the day, eating regularly 3 times a day, not worrying about where my food is coming from- these are all things that I have never really stopped and considered. UNTIL NOW. By no means do I understand what it is like to actually be starving and at a disadvantage in this respect but I think my awareness has been raised for sure!

So until I can eat what I want, when I want to I remain to be thankful that food is something that I can count on being there for me when I heal.

My Ode to Food

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Funny Type of Handsome

I like him the best out of anyone I could have ever known or ever will.

I took this picture last night and after looking at it this morning I was just blessed.

I am not so hopelessly romantic too often but when I am, I feel it through and through.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is how awesome my parents are..

My mom called me as I was getting off of work last night and asked what we were doing...I said nothing, of course. They flew over and an hour and a half later we were dining fine in Centralia! John and I enjoyed those couple of hours--we felt like we were at home. I love surprises and that was just perfect.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The 2nd Time Around

I got my tonsils out for the second time in my life yesterday.

I am doing fine. My pain meds make me sick so I can't take those. That is kind of a bummer because Tylenol doens't work for me so much and I am not allowed to take anything else.

Of course, I am craving all of the foods I cannot have but the watermelon is keeping me hydrated and is hitting the spot. I found out today that I get to go on a business trip to Florida in a couple of weeks, that was good news. I LOVE FLORIDA! I have never been there on "business" but I any Florida time is a good Florida time in my book.

My mom and John have taken wonderful care of me. My mom left already but I think John will pick up where she left off with the nursing of my sick self:)

Since I have lost my phone anyway I won't be talking to a lot of you (please be sending me your numbers!!) but I will be communicating via internet for a while I am out of commission with my voice. Thank you for your kind e mails and calls:)