Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5 Loves

I was tagged forever ago by my friend Karis to blog about my top 5 obsessions. It has taken me a while to come up with things that I am "obsessed' with. I wouldn't necessarily call these things obsessions but they are definitely things I love and am passionate about besides the given, my husband, my family, my Jesus.

So onto things that inspire me and make me happy that yes, I do tend to obsess over:

Check this out first:

 I am a self proclaimed crazy cat lady. I DO have a sweater, socks, holiday nostalgia that sports cats, kittens and various felines. My two cats, Dante' and Lola-Jean are the sweetest things. They are obsessed with me. And I too am obsessed with them.

Toes in the Sand!

Beaches=bliss. Time off= relaxation. Exploring new places= inspiration. Travel= fuel to my soul!



All things domestic!
Making my house a home. Baking myself into a frenzy and then redecorating to calm down. Finding cute little additions to make my space uniquely mine. Finding ways to be more Martha. Finding ways to be a domestic goddess. Cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, party planning, remodeling refurbishing, rearranging! Love it all.

Come to my house and see! Let me cook for you and help you relax. Maybe I will sew you a set of curtains while you are there.

Ambiance and decor!

Whether it's dim lighting, perfect placement of throw pillows, an arrangement of wall hangings, or the perfect candle adding a welcoming smell to my house, I LOVE having ambiance. Truth be told, I pick restaurants based off of ambiance. I will suffer through tough steak and over-priced food to be able to relax and feel at ease because of ambiance.Places that make you just say "ahhh" and breath a sigh of relaxation.


and saving the best for last....

OH MAN. This one I am obsessed with. Kindred spirits. Real connections. A partner in crime, prayer, laughter, shopping etc. I love being around people who get me and vice versa. Someone who is like you but adds perspective and depth to your life while inspiring you all the while. That's something to be excited about!


So here are my few friends that I am tagging to do the same:


  1. I feel honored (seriously).

    You have always made me feel like I could be a better person, but I was also loved just the way I was. That's a gift. You're lucky to have it.

    I love you as big as it gets.

  2. Ok, I'll try to get around to doing this :-) Loved reading yours!