Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our flower is growing..

4 months?! 
"Time flies when you're having fun!"
And we are just a barrel of monkies over here!
We have fashion shoots like this:

We play, we nap, we visit with friends.
To say the least, it's good to be Dahlia Jane!

In her 4th month not only has she done a ton of new stuff, she's also been quite the traveler.
Adding up to a little over 26 hours in the car and 1240 miles traveled, she has officially earned her title of "Best Baby Ever".  With only a couple of crying fits (John and I had  4 or 5 I think), she took some of her best naps on these road trips.  Although she is pretty good at traveling, we are ready to stay put and rest!
Enough packing of baby stuff!! Are you kidding?!  Even for this minimalist packer, our luggage count went up exponentially since having a baby. Not to mention, if we need the swing, the playmat, the boppy...yikes.
But John, being the "Best Car Packer Ever",  always leaves me shocked at how much we can actually pack into our vehicle!

Anywho...this post is not about road trips it's about our baby.
She's 4 months old.

She's grown physically -everyone tells me how BIG she is. Finally, I asked someone this weekend after she acted like I was putting Steroids in my breastmilk, if her being "big" was all that bad.  She replied with, "she's still cute for a big baby".. Aye, aye, aye. The things people say when you are pregnant and have children. Although, for a brassy Northerner, that reply was better than I expected.  So yeah, I guess I produce 12% milk or something. I'm not worried.
I was praying for a healthy baby and that's what I got! Exceedingly and abundantly above, right??
It's funny how women compare babies like they compare themselves.
By funny I mean, not cool.
Whoa. Ok , she's biggER than she was. Point made. 
But her personality is what has really developed this month, I think.
She's funny!
A smiley, happy girl who grunts when she wants your attention, lets you know by hollering when the mobile stops turning,  gets frustrated when you take her chewing rings away...

 In short, she's a doll!

Dahlia Likes:
*gagging herself with those ring link thingies 
*grunting and talking (lottts of talking!)
*Leg warmers and boots (she has 7 pairs of boots, all gifts, of course!)
*kicking (high-yah!)
*sucking on her fingers mostly her thumb (and she's left-side dominant like her dad. Maybe we will have a artsy fartsy on our hands?? I hope so!)
*napping regularly and sleeping through the night. YES, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Praise be! (I was fully expecting this not to happen for a while and was fine with it. But I must say, sleeping for more than 4 hours at a time is a blessing!)
*  to take little breaks during nursing to lay back and look me in the eye and talk A LOT. She likes a good conversation over a meal, it seems.

Dahlia Dislikes:
*being over-tired
*the bottle (still...)
*having ring links taken away
*loud overwhelming noises/ people  in her face. She's her mother's child on this one.

She likes to smile a lot. Although when I get the camera out, she stares at it like it's a shifty person that she has to keep an eye on.. she's playing it cool, I suppose.

this face is what I get for trying to take these when she was on the verge of sleep.

Again, shifty starer at the camera

She got this Jumperoo for Christmas. Note the pillow under her sweet little feet. 

I wish this was in focus! We were cracking up at Daddy :)

My mom has this high chair and DJC loved it! She loved sitting up!

She experienced a bath by the fire at Nana's house. Cozy!

I think this one is funny. This is how I spent most of Thanksgiving weekend. Nursing my baby with two dogs wanting to be near her at all times.

Sleeping in the car. I feel like she slept here more than anywhere this past month!

She's still in love with the bath and her daddy (that's who she's gazing so lovingly at!)

What a lovely girl she is.

I'm cherishing these baby moments.
The rocking her to sleep (which her need for is decreasing already :(  )
The coo's.
The diapers (it's hard not to love cloth diapers)
The rolls she is getting. Love that pudge! 
Her need for mommy. That's me!
The way she loves to snuggle when she's tired. 

A year ago at this time I had no idea that the little miracle I was carrying was going to be so beautiful, happy and sweet.

Two years in a row, best Christmas present ever.  

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