Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Weekend of Varied Emotions

This past weekend one of my best friends, Lindsey, got married to an amazing man. So we went up to northern Indiana. It was a fun yet challenging weekend. Being her right hand woman was an honor. I was happy for her, and a bit envious of that chapter of and exciting. Getting married you feel like your life has just begun and that the amount of love you feel at that moment could make you do anything. I missed that feeling. Not that being married for 3 and a half years has taken that away, it's just different, I think most "marrieds" would agree. Plus, who doesn't want to go to a Sandals resort in Jamaica for a week?!

Trish was there too. She is a "comfortable" that always puts me at ease no matter what. I am so glad she was there!

Then I got to see a dear dear part of my heart, Amy, who I had not seen in almost 4 years since the day of my wedding. As soon as we saw each other it was like we had never even been apart. I felt, once again the completeness that TRUE, real friendship gives. I met her daughter, Lily, who is probably the smartest most verbal child I have ever met. She loved John, or John McCain as she called him, and they began playing immediately. I felt assured by his interaction with her. He is a natural at connecting with little ones. I look forward to that period of life when we have our own kids. That feeling of something to look forward to, and adventure ahead is now rekindled in me. Being in Winona Lake altogether was surreal and strange. So much happened during college. Every area of my life went from one extreme to another during those years and as soon as I pulled into town a wall of weirdness hit me. I was up and down the whole weekend. Every point of that campus and town held a memory of some sort. Many of which I hadn't recalled in years and wasn't too jazzed to experience again an others which brought warmness in remembering.

All in all, the weekend was a "worlds colliding" moment. It was good to remember, good to be back and good to leave it behind all at the same time.

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