Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This past weekend John and I were blessed enough to be submerged into nature for 36 hours. We spent time with family and friends and got to see the awesomeness of God's creation. I didn't even feel bad about not going to church on Sunday morning because I was still worshipping as I hiked. It was amazing especially since the season is on the verge of change. I love fall. It renewed my appreciation of God's creation and really just soothed me in so many ways. I really don't ever see how people could call everything we have here an accident or say it evolved. Nature is so intricate and stunningly beautiful. It's no accident! While I was born a city girl I find myself becoming more of a nature (not hick!) girl at heart. Everything about it calms me and gives me joy.

Here are some pics of where we were.

We camped at Starved Rock and hiked at Matthieson State Park and Ramsey Recreational Area


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