Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I love it when we're cruisin; together

vacation 079John and I went on a cruise! I had been on several when I was younger and they are still some of the best childhood memories I have. Now I have an incredible set of memories with my husband. There were a million things I loved about the cruise.


Relaxation. Being served. Not having to think about anything except which croissant I wanted that morning and how many ice cream cones I was going to have after lunch. Hearing the ocean 24/7. The boat lulling me to sleep. Being in the sun. Having my husband sing ( with a mic in hand for all to hear )"You're Just too Good to be True" on our tour bus on the way back from the beach. Meeting our Haitian waiters and being blessed by them (I cried on our last night with them). Eating fresh fruit. Seeing shows. Learning more about a different part of the world. Seeing a different part of the world. Naps. Holding hands with John on the Veranda deck at night. Hearing a real mariachi band. Buying Mexican pottery- I went overboard, pun totally intended. Getting a massage on the beach under a cabana. Going snorkeling. The list goes on...

I am so excited that we got to do it.

vacation 067

I loved every minute of it.


It was a treat supreme!

vacation 071

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