Thursday, May 12, 2011

We love Daddy, yes we do!

Guess what yesterday was?
Crib day!
This box was intense. Full of stuff and more complicated 
than the crib construction, I think.

He likes to work alone and I would rather eat
 so this was the only picture I got during construction

{check out big sister asleep underneath. So sweet!}

The room getting done is far more than a creative venture for me. It reminds me that this is real (as if the acrobatics in my belly weren't enough) and that reminds me how blessed I am.
Every time I got up to pee last night I peeked in there and it made me very happy.

♥ Thanks, Daddy!

P.s. Check me out! 24 ½ weeks and still a girl.

Measuring perfectly!

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