Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekending 1-8 with a #75 on the side

This past weekend we.....

1.) We registered for stuff for Baby Sweet Stuff
I love those registering guns!

John tried out our stroller by running it around the store a full lap and a half.

then he napped in our dream glider (it's only $359)
Then we finished the night with Thai food but I was too busy shoving my face
 full of food to take pictures of that.

2.) We worked outside 
my Dahlia bulbs are coming up nicely :)

and the new mulch definitely makes it look better in the flower beds!

3.)We went to a Luau at church for a volunteer appreciation dinner but I got sidetracked by the dinner and forgot to take a picture of our cute festive outfits. That happens a lot these days.

4.) John served me cinnamon rolls and {decaff} coffee in bed on Mother's Day but again, I was too busy slamming those down my throat to even think about photographing it. I was in ecstasy.

5.) We washed cars and I cut my finger on his muffler
he sort of overreacted and wrapped my finger like I had severed it completely.
He almost ripped his shirt off to use it as a tourniquet. One simple band-aid now suffices.
gift  #75
{I'm very thankful that John is quick to help me and even "over-helps" me sometimes. That in and of itself is a tremendous treasure. He's my best team-mate. And he is pretty rad at being my perfect help-mate. I need LOTS of help}

6.) Sunday Drive

 7.) Sunday Ride
I'm not going as fast as I used to due to a certain basketball shaped growth in my mid-section
and I might have to upgrade my seat to one of those double-wide deluxe gel filled seats.
 I'm a little sore today in the butt region.

8.) A Sunday evening run to sonic to get me an ice-cream cone. Do I even need to explain why there isn't a picture??

That's it.
It was a great weekend.
We spent a lot of time together and worked on our home. 
We make a good team and I love relaxed weekends with my love.

Happy Monday to you, hopefully you got lots of rest and sunshine this weekend 
to carry you through your week!

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