Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3 Whole Months of Dahlia Jane!

3 months ago, she was so tiny, so sweet, so JOHN-like. 
I think she looks like his mini-twin here!

Today she is an even sweeter babbling brook of happy, chunky baby!!

New this month:
Talking to her stuffed animals
Sitting in the Bumbo
Eating her hands ferociously
Loving to snuggle with a blankie but mostly mommy still :)
Getting scared :(
Lots more jabbering!
Trying to lift her back off of things
Coughing to get attention :)
Sleeping through the night every so often

Such a big girl with her house slippers on!

Stunning little eyeballs!
.and she still loves the bath. 

 she's looking more like me in my humble yet accurate opinion

me,  in a lovely spring bonnet @ 6 months

John, in a girl outfit @ 3 months

What do you think?
She is a good mix..

Either way: she's so pretty.
And she's a joyful little thing too.

So thankful for her!

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