Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crafty and free is the way to be

Buying accessories for my baby is a bit pricey and overrated. (and can be a total obsession for me!) For something she will wear once or twice, anything that is over the price of $free is pushing it. (and it draws me into that obsessive space that can suck me in like a black hole [*go space!])
I digress.
 For Halloween I made her a fun "Dahliaesque" headband with materials I had in my craft stash.
Professional looking, it's not.
Easy and cute, it was.
It takes about 15 minutes if you do it one sitting. I did it over the course of 3 days. 

Here is what I did:

I cut random shapes out of Halloween colored felt and layered them..

 ..sewed a simple x stitch through the center with embroidery floss..

arranged them uh-like uh-so (say it like an Italian)..

 ..cut notches in them to give them some flare..

..hot glued them onto a nylon headband and voila..
 cute baby headband that cost me $0.00 since I already had everything

"I like it thiiiiis much", she says

soakin' up some rays, sportin' the headband.

Easy peasy punkin' squeazy!

It would be adorable with buttons or other fun embelishments in the midst, with lace in between the layers, fabric or any other fun variation. I might even make myself an adult-sized version in more neutral colors!

Bada Bing!

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