Friday, December 5, 2008

The Official Christmas Photos

These are the pictures that are included on our Christmas cards this year. One is of us on vacation this past summer, the other is of our entire famil. Yes-our cats. Dante and Lola are a part of our family so why wouldn't they be included? They both hated the posing part (as is easy to see in the picture) but admired the finished product.

Until the day we can afford $500 sitting fees with extraordinary photographers our timed self- portraits will do just fine. My photographic visions of grandeur are feebly attempted by my dying cracked camera along with the help of online photo editing. Still, one day..

Also, the photo Christmas greeting card as a whole is getting a bit overdone, I think. I was going through all of my cards from people last year and most of them were the 4x8 photo greetings. As I had mine made this year I wondered, "how many people are really going to keep a picture of us on vacatation along with a double cat photo up on the fridge all year long?"

I think I may abandon this over used trendy tradtion and do something more "us" next year.

Ideas include: sending a.) snowballs in the mail and/or b.) homemade gfits from the cats.

"Tis the season!



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