Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Dressing

 I love dresses. I wish I had more reasons to wear them. I wore one to teach in yesterday and my students asked if I was attending a funeral or formal event after class. Sadly, dressing to the nines for no reason in weird 'round these parts. From birth until about age 25 I've always gotten new church dresses for holidays like Christmas, Easter, Arbor Day and Groundhog Day. OK not really on the Arbor Day or Groundhog Day dresses but it seemed like me and my mother found lots of reasons to buy that perfect little dress to celebrate the season. What girl doesn't love to dress up once in a while!?  Ever since I was little I looked forward to dressing up in the perfect dress. I don't think I will be getting that oh-so-perfect holiday dress with accompanying designer tights and patent leathers this year.  But don't you worry! In  the true Christmas spirit I have been dreaming luxurious dreams and have come up with a few wonderful ditties that I would love to own.   I love that they all have clever names. This makes them even cuter!  Holiday Cheers to being Christmas dressed!

Plaid Judgment Dress in Keen

Tea Ceremony Dress ( I love tea. I love ceremonies. I love dresses. Check!)

Je Ne Sais Quois Dress ( exactly!)

Home for the Holidays

The Marion ( possibly my favorite!)

Horizon Line (weird name, cute dress)


  1. Love all of these!!! Yes, so sad that people look at you weird if you're all dressed up in this area. But I say, let them stare and rock it, girl!!!! ;)

  2. You were always the best at picking out dresses.

    My personal fave..."home for the holidays" (unless that is a scottish dog on the dress...and then i change my mind :)

    I like red. It makes me feel dangerous.

    you are the cutest.