Friday, December 11, 2009

Eating pretty

What a creative outlet the Christmas season is!
Everywhere you look there are colors, patterns, homemade goodies and friends gathering to celebrate.
These things inspire me to be even more creative in my gifting. Not just getting gifts but GIVING them out of a heart of inspired uniqueness.

Well speaking of unique creatives take a look at some of these pretty eats. You can't tell me that you don't love eating pretty things.  Now, some of the marzipan fruits are a bit nauseating but overall a well decorated cookie or cake just adds to the feeling of festivus in my tummy!
Try not to lick the screen :)


And what about these lovely works of art?!

I do well to get my graham cracker and icing structures to resemble a house at all.
Oh to have days and resources to mix art and food  for a living...

                                                                      a wee house!

Have an Artsy Fartsy Friday and an inspired weekend! XOXO

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