Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas in my art.

This is Friday's post on Monday. Yes! Again, this season leaves me busy and not able to fulfill my Friday blogging commitments. I am a no lines on the page kind of girl anyway as my BFF Tricia would say.
Although it does work because I will be a bit tied up this coming Friday.
This Christmas we decided to decorate our tree in something a bit less trendy or traditional.
John's 1st  mother (who passed away when he was 4) made some amazing ornaments that
 are in need of displaying! We are the proud owners of these pretty hanging balls of art!

They are royal looking.

I love them.

I call this one Marie Antionette

This one is my favorite!

 I love having family things to proudly display. Especially when they are as special as these.
What art they are! How inspiring too! They must have taken FOREVER to do since each one was done in its entirety by hand..each detail. See! Christmas is such an artistic time. I love all of the different expressions of creativity that this season brings.
And no tree is complete without these two precious babes beneath!

Have an Artsy Fartsy Friday on Monday this week and be blessed as you enjoy all of the beautiful expressions of art from other people's hearts. XO!


  1. Those are gorgeous!!!! What treasures!

  2. Thank you! Did you mean the ornaments or the cats?? :)