Friday, December 17, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   Giving is    the best thing ever. It makes me happy and I wish I had millions of dollars to do more of it.    .

2.  Receiving is   pretty rad as well. However, I care less about that than the giving. But I do like getting presents. I like getting things especially when it's from a fellow "I love to give soooo much" type of person. THE  thought, excitement and the happiness you see behind the gift is what is really awesome. A nice pot holder from Anthropology isn't bad either.  .

3.  The best gift I ever received was       I sure did love my Casio key board and my chalk board I got in the 80's. I still remember being the most excited about those. I am sure I have gotten more substantial things but I remember feeling like I was going to be the greatest artist ever once I unwrapped that chalk board/ paint easle.  .

4.  The best gift I ever gave was   sentimental things like shadow boxes and family pictures put into awesome albums   .

5.  Something intangible that I wish I could receive is     cello playing skills.

6.  Something intangible that I wish I could give is     contentment    .

7.  The one gift I always wanted as a child, but never got was       an Easy Bake oven...and the game Mall Madness       .

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Happy Weekend!!

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