Monday, August 15, 2011

A great way to start your week..

A few things that started my week off with a smile:

Great advice:

Great Outfit:

Great Breakfast

Great (and precious) Promise

Great Standard

'Hope you are choosing to start your week off in a GREAT way!

Happy Monday :)


  1. Love this! Especially the first thing! We do something every year at College Park called "Think...2011" (last year it was Think 2010, year before Think get the idea) and this year we are doing a series on the tongue. Our small group goes over the video series that our Pastor put together and we spent time talking about similar things relating to speaking, like: "Is my timing appropriate, can this be covered in love, are my words helpful, do I have all the facts?" So. Good. I'm watching my TONE with my boys this morning. I think I've been a little too grouchy and they have both picked up on it. YIKES. I also really like the outfit. Are you going to do a fall post before DJ gets here? ;)

  2. oh, the fall post! It will come AFTER she does. That's a good series idea. Love it.

    I don't see you being grouchy ever but, hey, I'm sure it could happen :)