Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's take a little journey, shall we??

So..... We are really close to seeing this little face!
I can't even stand how beautiful and cute and perfect she is already.
I know I am partial but seriously, she's way extra cute.
She has my chin. I like that.

I'm 38 1/2 weeks today.  I feel a little extra round. Actually, really crooked. Her butt is up on top and her body is to the left. Head down and feet to the right. Today, I have felt her knees and elbows stickin' out which is nice. She has slowed down with her movements a lot.  It hurts when she moves sometimes but I miss all those flips and flops she used to do a lot. She gets the hiccups frequently. It's cute. ESPECIALLY after praise and worship at church. She is trying to sing, I just know it!
  Her lungs are growing and getting lots of exercise :)
Her head feels like it want to come out. That's the only way I can say it without getting graphic and use awkward body part names that would make you burp.
But you get the picture, yes?
I had a 3 hour stint of REAL contractions last Saturday. I thought that this was it but it wasn't. She's just doing things a little at a time. Which, I very much appreciate. I think and hope that will make labor and delivery just a little easier.
At my last dr.'s visit, I was dilated to 4cm and 60-70% effaced and she was at -1 station. 
If you need a "station tutorial" click HERE.

 It's  going to happen soon. 
Early? Maybe. Overdue, who knows. It's possible. I am hoping for the former not the latter.
 The good news is: she has to come out VERY soon.
We are getting so close!

So let's just take a little journey through my pregnancy, shall we?

6 weeks 
I thought I was starting to show here:
but really I was still skinny and just bloated... And I had a waist. What's that again??

2 months:

 3 months:
 just a little bitty pooch, still thought it was huge. And it was, for me. Oh! And this was the picture that started a facebook hubbub about me possibly carrying twins. REALLY? I looked "normal" I think.
Silly facebookers!

4 months:
this was when she was the size of an avacado and my 
hair started to get all 70's-esque on me.It was fluffy and I had wings.

5 months:
Again, I was still learning how to deal with the pregnancy poofy, thick hair here.

 6 months:
This is when I felt pregnant but not "great with child"
This was a good stage :)

7 months:
We got our maternity pics done..

..love them.

 8 months:
 Lookin' stripey here.

And HELLLLLOOOOO 9 months:
I love this kid. I love that she just sticks right out.
What a doll baby.

I will gladly lose my waist anyday (i.e.: 9 months) for this cause.
I will gladly sleep little bits here and there because of hip pain and random hot flashes.
I would gladly wait again to have a pregnancy that has been this easy, this amazing, this celebrated and this joyful. I have LOVED being pregnant. And while my belly will soon feel empty, I cannot wait to have full arms.

Annny day now..


  1. Such a fun post! I have loved watching her grow inside you these past 9 months! Its such an amazing thing to be a part of, this JOY baby is such a blessing! Can't wait to see her and hold her too!!!

  2. SO exciting! It will be here so soon, can't wait to meet her!