Thursday, May 29, 2008

Light Green

I am trying to take steps to be more GREEN...

however, the occasional cat food can makes it into the trash.

So I have decided I am "light green"

almost but not quite..

  • we are thinking about composting

  • I love nature- that counts for something.

  • we are trying to grow our own veggies this summer (pre planted in poo pots)

  • we recycle

  • I planted 2 trees last summer and John mowed them down (poor wittle twees!)

  • we use those swirly light bulbs that reduce GHG's

  • I've boycotted buying plastic bottles..(john isn't caught up yet)

  • I try not to not get plastic bags anymore..I've invested in the recycled paperish-cloth bags at the grocery store. But throwing away the plastic bags (the cat litter bags) is another story.

  • We've switched a majority of our cleaning products to naturally based ones-

I recommend Clorox Greenworks, Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs Meyers Clean Day (they have amazing aromatherapy formulas- you don't get that "oh-my -nose-hairs-just-burned-out-from-the-smell-of-this-cleaning-product-and-I-think-I-may-have-cancer-now" feeling)

  • any suggestions?

Our cat litter is NOT SO NATURAL...whatever takes the stink away is what we buy..we tried pine chips and cedar chips and the cats looked at us like we were the dumbest humans in the whole wide world and refused to use their 'facilities'..this is one thing I really want to change though. I am a crazy cat lady, I admit it, but I'm pretty sure that cat litter causes cancer in some cats and I want to make sure my two aren't in that number..

These are the the things I want to do

1. Stop eating fast food

reason #1 my hips

reason#2 they are one of the top producers trash mountains. ( I doubt that this will happen b/c I love a good nugget -I'll just be responsible with MY trash)

2. Stop buying aerosols..however, my hair would not poof as well without it..

3.Get a hybrid car

4. Stop eating processed, chemically altered foods

5. Start yelling at litter bugs

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