Thursday, May 15, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple,awesomely simple, that's creativity.

Blogging..this is new to me. However, there are so many things I love to say, see and share that myspace and facebook(barf) don't allow me to communicate. Basically I find myself not at a crossroads but in a season change(not to be confused with a "season of change"). You know, the awkward time in between seasons that isn't quite one season or another yet ( those of us who live in the mid-west are currently experiencing this phenomenon). Not finding myself in a place where I can say I feel one way or another. I'm in between, not in transition. If that makes sense or, don't care, I get what I mean. I am finding that during this time I must find happiness in the simple things...why? Because if I don't everyday lacks appreciation and creativity. Without those, what a bore it is, life.

Simple things NOT to be confused with plain, ordinary,uncreative, austere things. Rather things and processes that are,



down- to - earth





Simplifying..a concept that is like a Mecca for me, somedays seeming out of reach and far away but attainable in the same sense. Not being pulled in by want and clutter..complications and confusion..but just appreciating what God has given, when he has given it and being blessed that he chose me (and John) to receive it.

I hope to make this blog (a weird word that makes me giggle) something that shows how I will try to make my life a bit more simple, appreciative, creative.
I probably won't be one of those profound writers with profound inspirations who has a billion people waiting in line to read their words that read like silk but I will be one of those bloggers (he he) who offers a bit of insight to a chaotic, confused and creative mind attempting to be a tadge more tranquil. Read at your own risk- it may read more like burlap.

Enjoying the ride,

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