Thursday, July 31, 2008

Look at Those Melons

We are starting to harvest all of our goods from our garden. We have gotten a bushel of beans, some sugar snap peas,green peppers,yellow cherry tomatoes and some squash. John got frustrated with our baby yellow tomatoes and ripped the bush clean out of the ground. I think he liked the planting of the seed and not so much the nurturing part. Sounds like a man,huh? This doesn't matter to me though. I love(d) going out and watering the garden, weeding it, picking and pruning and watering then gingerly picking off any little pests or nuisances. I think that I may have a career in gardening or farming if all else fails. I did, after all, score the highest on agriculture on my career aptitude test.

Check out the pics of what we have so far. I have a feeling our watermelons are going to be huge! The plant has taken over our garden and has branched out into the back yard outside of the plot. We go on vacation next week. I am praying that everything survives.

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