Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ok well, I'm starving. Not literally but sort of. I am really really hungry.

Since my tonsillectomy a week ago I have been able to eat carby, soft, mushy, bland foods. And that even depends on my throat's mood at that given moment. You would think smoothies would be fine but last night I took one drink of my smoothie and started freaking out crying because it felt like I was swallowing rusty razors rather than a SMOOTHie not smooth in the least. On my free time between stomach growls I think of things like Chinese food, fresh veggies, just food in general. I'm not wasting away or anything but I sure am hungry! This makes me more empathetic for those who don't get to eat on a regular basis. Seriously. I think when my stomach is growling and my stomach acids are churning about what it must be like not to have the food to eat even if you could eat it. I've taken food for granted, I suppose. That sounds weird. Grabbing a snack here and there, picking up a bag of chips at the store, munching continuously throughout the day, eating regularly 3 times a day, not worrying about where my food is coming from- these are all things that I have never really stopped and considered. UNTIL NOW. By no means do I understand what it is like to actually be starving and at a disadvantage in this respect but I think my awareness has been raised for sure!

So until I can eat what I want, when I want to I remain to be thankful that food is something that I can count on being there for me when I heal.

My Ode to Food

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