Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Crazy Cat Lady"? Shoot! That's a Compliment!

I get made fun of a lot for my cat whispering ways. But that's OK. Despite the perceived uncoolness by others of me being a crazy cat lady I think that there is much to be missed by not treating animals like the precious little gifts they are. I'm not saying I think that they have all the rights we do. But I do think that people miss out on a lot by not getting to know animals. Take for instance my Lola. She loves to snuggle in the a.m., she likes for me to pick her up and show her my closet in the morning so she can sniff the clothes. Such a girl. She loves to be in the kitchen, sometimes unwelcomed on the counter, when I am cooking. See the below picture of her helping me knead the biscuit dough the other night. She likes to chase her tail. She is self entertaining and I can appreciate that. Dante' loves to drink from the faucet in the morning while I get ready. And he loves the occasional blast from the hair dryer on his belly. He likes to be held like a baby but only in the afternoons. So why do these kinds of things warrant a blog post? Because, while they are mear cats to you, they are my brood that I love to nurture. They bring me joy and they are awesome little creations (that stink sometimes) and are keeping my nurturing skills on standby for my future children. In no way will being a crazy cat mom compare to me being a mom to my future babies but for now, it works. And I am grateful that I have 2 little black cats at home that are crazy about me. So until the real baby days, I'm fine with being crazy about them too.

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