Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The 2nd Time Around

I got my tonsils out for the second time in my life yesterday.

I am doing fine. My pain meds make me sick so I can't take those. That is kind of a bummer because Tylenol doens't work for me so much and I am not allowed to take anything else.

Of course, I am craving all of the foods I cannot have but the watermelon is keeping me hydrated and is hitting the spot. I found out today that I get to go on a business trip to Florida in a couple of weeks, that was good news. I LOVE FLORIDA! I have never been there on "business" but I any Florida time is a good Florida time in my book.

My mom and John have taken wonderful care of me. My mom left already but I think John will pick up where she left off with the nursing of my sick self:)

Since I have lost my phone anyway I won't be talking to a lot of you (please be sending me your numbers!!) but I will be communicating via internet for a while I am out of commission with my voice. Thank you for your kind e mails and calls:)

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