Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm on a [Pumpkin] roll..


Since Monday night pie baking has proven not to be my forte' I have moved on to a pluthera of different baking projects. Pies are still invloved but they aren't my focus anymore. I was often dissapointed at how they turned out and frankly, I just need to feel good about my creative endeavors and not like a faliure so much.


In the spirit of fall and Thanksgiving with the baking and non-stop eating that accompanies the holiday season- I went a little wild this past Monday.

It all started because cans of pumpkin are not appropraitely measured out. Either the recipe calls for a can and a half or half of a can- always leaving you with left over cans 'o pumpkin. So I started with one recipe and had left over pumpkin so I started another pumpkin project and had to open another can to have enough and so the cycle continued. After making 4 batches of pumpkin flavored goodies I still ended up with half of a 24 ounce can of pumpkin (not to mention my 3 whole pumpkins yet to be cleaned out and seeded).

Below are the things I made. They are all pretty good, if I do say so myself!

John's Veterans Day Punkin Pie


A pumpkin roll for the girls at the officenovember-051

Pumpkin chocolate chip bread for me, I think:)


Pumpkin bars! (what I like to call: THE BOMB)


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