Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Running With the Wind

friend wrote this and sent this to me. I would like to share it with you. Sometimes the wind is against you and it makes life at that time more of a struggle, but the same wind that is against you can shift and come along with you to move you through at an easy pace. The same with emotions…they can come like a stiff wind and it is all you can do to keep running. Those same emotions can then at other times come behind you to make the run an easy journey. The wind is there to strengthen us, it challenges our breathing, our strategy, our very thinking process. If we didn’t run against the wind, we would never strengthen the core muscles of our survival…our lungs. Without breath we would die, without wind we would grow weak, and without running we would stop moving. We need to move, and we need the wind to help us to persist. There comes those times when our emotions that once were so difficult, become our strength. Those emotions come from challenges, frustrations and pain, but in the end build heart, depth and stability. We can run with the wind if we are willing to run against it at ti

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