Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Decision, Mis


I had recently thought of getting rid of my Fiestaware because the point in having it is to have all the colors to mix and match. Since I have started a certain class my finances have been going to different things other than pieces of fiestaware. Sad but true. I decided along with the motherly advice of my well, mother, that I would regret it if I did sell them and settle for Target pottery plates. (which I used to have too, but I sold them on e-bay during year 2 of our marriage.)

I wish I would have gone with my instinct when I registered for the stuff. I wanted to register for 12 different colors but someone convinced me I needed to have atleast 8 of the same place setting. Different colors just wouldn't do. ARE YOU SERIOUS! 4 years later I am bored as can be with just Cobalt, the most undemanded color in the Fiesta realm. Always listen to your guts.

I love this stuff. fiesta_peacockmix135

I don't have a favorite color.

Generally I am a pretty natural and muted color type of person but I geuss the mexican in me craves the brightness of these dishes.

I can't get enough of 'em.

So I will just pretend that the dishes and various pieces below are part of my collection for now.

The brightest and best.mcap6bh1tcam2vlgscail0vbmcajcurmvcak1r2c8caw23m6gcad47kfmcaxe88racaile2r2catsim3ncamqub82cait7996caycszsmcapferwpcax4g6jtcawbzpbfcadg3te4ca7gez2p


l would call this grouping Pink Lemonade or Citrus Sensation.


My future collection


The Vintage stuff is great but full of lead and therefore, brain cancer.



Super cute.


Hoping to inherit someones vintage collection like this one

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