Friday, September 18, 2009

It's the thought that counts

I celebrated my 28th birthday 5 days ago. I am still getting presents in the mail! How fun is that? John planned lots of fun things for us to do the day before and our friends Derek and Rebecca planned and executed birthday plans deluxe on the day of my actual birthday. I am not old yet but I do realize the older I get how time with family and friends are what is most important about the life in my years. Not so much what I got, how it was gifted, what someone did for me, or how grandiose the whole shebang was. It's the relationship you have with those people who may give gifts, do something excellent (like planning a fun filled city day with wonderful cuisine) and throw a fabulous party in your honor. It really is the thought that counts. And that's NOT a cop-out. You couldn't have paid me enough to believe that in previous years. But this is a concept that I really am grasping. God is good to me. Being away from family on my birthday has always been a struggle but they all remembered even all the way in California. My nephew Aidan's birthday wish was my favorite. A close second was the whole congregation of my dad's church in Indiana singing happy birthday to me over his cell phone at church. My friend Marianna stopped by with present in hand late in the envening claiming "it's just not the same when you don't get it on your birthday". Precious. I got artistic gifts and kind words from everywhere: California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Indiana and Illinois. What a blessing to be celebrated thoughtfully!

I will continue to love my birthday second only to Christmas. I will continue to expect royal treatment for the entire month of September. I will continue to get giggly when I see birthday presents. I will always love to hear "..happy birthday dear, Missy". Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. I am so glad that this year was a hit. Thank you Jesus for friends and family who make the thought count!

Vintage Birthday Fiesta. AMEN!


John's bag o' presents with neverending tissue. He made me work for it!


I wish this was a scratch and sniff picture. The fragrance was amazing!


No birthday is complete with a party hat


There has to be a more comfortable option than elastic that chops off your facial circulation


My favorite person to spend my birthday with


Awkard family photo nominee of the year.

Atleast we had a good time celebrating :)


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