Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pie Time!

Pie baking time is in full swing again. I have been a baking maniac lately. It's the influx of cool weather and the approaching of fall that gets me in the spirit. I wanted to post my recent success. Meringue is not something that is generally "easy" to make. I gave it a try and voila! it turned out (quite beautifully, I may add). I got excited about a new success and now have another pie to add to my repertoire..oh wait, that's a musical term, I will add it to my menu, list of specialties, or whatever you want to call it.

I also made sugar free coconut cream pie since I am on a no sugar diet right now -NOT BY MY OWN CHOICE, and it turned out quite stunning as well. I finally found a crust that is a no fail staple. So now I can concentrate more on my menu/repertoire of exotic and tasty pies and not be weighed down by the crust issues that once plagued me.

Bon Apetit!


Practicing my lattice-work

August 037

Always a mess..

August 033

Beautiful crust! (I could use a shower and some primping, however.)

August 264

baking= my kitchen in shambles

August 267

So yummy!

August 271

turned out just wonderfully!

August 275

Fluffy Meringue

August 285

It looked good...I didn't eat it though, it was given as a gift.

I wish there was a way to taste the pies before I give them away to make sure they are eatable!

I just pray over them and hope for the best :)

August 286

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