Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I recently helped throw a baby shower for one of my best friends, Rebecca and her soon to be here son, Ogden.

I threw a shower back in February as well for my Karis and her son, Malakai. Back 2 and a half years ago I planned and threw my BFF, Tricia's shower for her twins.

This is what I have found- I love showering! Making, planning, baking, decorating, organizing,buying, partying- I love it all! (even if the gluten-free cakes explode in my oven and almost burn my house down.)

I homemade a lot of Rebecca's shower decor. Some would say I have too much time on my hands but I love designing and creating on my free time! What a creative outlet! It was supposed to be an outdoor event since everyday that week had started with glorious sun-filled, cool mornings but on the morn of the shower I awoke to crazy downpouring rain. We had the shower at one of our pastor's houses and they keep their garage in better shape than I keep my home on a good day. We relocated to the garage and had a wonderful time. It was so soothing to hear the rain falling while we were eating and celebrating. Rebecca is the most easy going appreciative person I know so she really enjoyed the gathering and even kept some of the decorations for Ogden's room! There was food galore and sweets everywhere. Delish!

The point- I love throwing parties. Especially when they are for someone I love. I'm pretty sure I would love them even more if I had an unlimited budget and did this for a part- time living.

This was Rebecca's mommy said, "Ogden's Mom"


And here she is, Ogden's Mom


Baby Bennett Bath Salts that I made. Jasmine and Honeysuckle scented!10124_132326781796_690036796_2243517_7003360_n

Centerpieces- they had river rocks and floating/sinking flowers in them10124_132326776796_690036796_2243516_3342438_n

Some of the luxurious yummies we had!


The gift table. The flags were super easy to make! She kept them and we hung them in his room!10124_132326801796_690036796_2243521_2249444_n

Sweet little guy..


My gluten-free adventure


Karis' yummy Baby Bennett cupcakes

baby shower 021

What a joy to throw a shower for such a wonderful friend! 10124_132326856796_690036796_2243532_6187084_n

Showing off Ogden under the "Ogden" sign


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