Thursday, October 29, 2009

You should be celebrating!

Today is National Cat Day! Praise Jesus for such sweet animals! My babies have been such companions to me and John. When John was in Iraq for the second time and I was alone, Dante' Javier Culpepper was my best little friend. He knew when I was sad, he alerted me to things that were amiss in the house. He greeted me with purrs at the door everyday after work, and kept my head warm at night. Everyone's cats sleep on their heads, right? It's not just me!?  He is a source of unconditional love for me and even though he doesn't talk back, he's a wonderful counselor- he has the gift of listening.  Lola-Jean is a different story. She's squirley. She was rescued and she has a mouth on her. She only likes love on her terms. And God help you if you don't give her the attention when she wants it. She is very melancholy. Just like her mom :)
I blogged about my cats a while back so I will save the ramblings about my feline loves for now. But enjoy this celebration of beautiful kitties and if you have one, what a blessed person you are for it!
It is the season, after all, for black cats! My little woobies love this time of year.


Dante is considering this costume for Halloween:

This gives me the warm fuzzies!

Look out Lola and Dante' Mom's going wig shopping!

I think I will get a black cat for all my friends this Christmas

My little L.J

He's handsome

They are my family

What a little nub!

Happy Celebrating!

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