Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Confessions of a Sale-aholic

sometimes this is a problem
I am trying to set my sights on things unseen.
Today, I am a bit distracted in this area.
Bidding like a crazy person on E-bay items, shopping Charlotte Russe's 50% off sale,
buying maternity clothes (note to self: not even pregnant), looking for presents for other people. Planning John's graduation party, planning his birthday gifts. Buying ahead for Christmas 2010. Mostly today though, let be honest- I am just shopping and looking for me.

Today I bought this and this.
The latter was bought in good faith at a good price on E-bay.  
(I justified by telling myself this was my way of "setting my eyes on things unseen"..out of context? perhaps. probably.  yes.)


something I discovered via
are these precious things from Downstairs Design 
called The In Touch Clutch.

They are made with the sweetest of fabrics. I want to purchase one but I can't even decide which fabric I love the most! 

I would also like to purchase this today:
the auction ends in a little over an hour.. is it worth it!?! AHHHH!


John mentioned wanting to buy me these a few weeks ago..

.. but then he realized how much they were.
I think I may settle for an off-brand...that's quite alright with me! I can't justify spending $140 for sweaters that go on my legs and feet.

Lastly (but not really)..
We want this for our room. When John saw this he was all about it. I think it's precious that he has quite the little shabby chic design eye. He gushed about how wonderfully this would compliment our bedroom. What a precious!

So anyway. Today. I am THINGS minded but am reminded by the still ,small ever-so -loud voice in my heart
that I am to keep my eyes on things unseen and not make my treasures these things.

I still want them though.

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