Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Once you get past the cheesiness...

As I watched the opening ceremonies to the winter Olympics this past Friday I was impressed by the crazy ammount of Native American dancing, Wowed by Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now guy flying through the air, I really liked the torch lighting but to my suprise my favorite thing was the new We Are the World. The close ups of the singers are cheesy for sure. And I had written it off in my mind because of this cheesiness... until I saw it.

As I saw the Haitian boy at the beginning dancing on a pile of rocks I couldn't fight my tears and I just cried my brains out even as Justin Beiber sang his little hear out and Lil' Wayne (gag) sang in his weird robot voice. 

Anyway. It's worth a watch. And it may just re-stir your heart in a big way for this precious little country. It did mine.
 Keep going with those prayers for Haiti!

see more about Haiti here and here!

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