Friday, February 5, 2010

Time to snuggle!

It's going to be a cold weekend!
With some areas in the east getting 2 feet of snow...24 inches!! 
Geesh. To be so lucky...

Our weather has been dreary, cold, wet and blech. The beautiful inches of glistening snow goodness are going to bypass us. 2 inches...maybe. Not enough.   Oh how I wish I would get snowed in for a day or two with my love!

What fun!? Snuggling with my John, Snuggies (leopard print of course), movies, hot cocoa and teas!, cats and a warm house.

I am grateful for the gloominess and the gross weather. It will give me a reason to stay in and love on my hubs! I will just have to pretend that there are feet of snow outside.

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm with the one you love!

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