Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a month, what a baby!

Who says the years go by slowly? Only people who don't have kids, I'm certain. 
As far as I can tell, my daughter is the fastest growing baby on record. 
All the cliche' sayings  about time flying,m especially after you
 have children are true, I'm afraid. 
Every month I mention how fast it's going. Seriously though.  I'll say it again..
A year is a significant amount of time. Half of a year is nothing nod at. I don't want to get all mushy and think of how this sweet, busy, sleepless phase of baby-ness will soon be gone. But this is me, being mushy about it.  Every month that passes brings more hurdles jumped fumbled over and new milestones reached. Still, time could slow just a bit.. I don't really get sad about her infant-self soon being a thing of the past. I'm just excited that she's growing well and am delighted at the large personality that this still little person contains. It's so fun, if not the funnest thing, 
watching her become.

So during month 6 we had some pretty intense happenings.
She was in the hospital with RSV- saddest thing ever. Watching a sick, miserable baby with an IV in that is choking on her snot and can't breath and is crying, crying, CRYING herself hoarse yet will not, cannot sleep or eat was well, AYE, AYE, AYE!!!!  I thought labor and delivery was hard. Nope. Not so much compared to this little 4 day adventure.  Who says exclusively  breastfed babies don't get sick? I'm not sure. But they are wrong.
I have pictures but I'll save you the sadness. It was pitiful.

She started teething the day after she appeared recovered and "normal" from her RSV bout. 
Things have been adventurous for us, to say the least.  And by adventurous I mean, sleepless and sore.

She has one tooth through and one visible little guy ready to pop through. Lesson learned: teething is intense, at least in this household! And as a result, if I had $1 for every time I've been anti-social or non-comittal this month, I'd have about $8. I'm out of the stage of explaining my "I have a baby" situation.  Maybe I am more affected than most by this stage she is in, or maybe others have quickly forgotten what it's like? Or maybe this is normal. I bet on that option.. In any event, Dahlia and I are appreciative of those who understand and are  still a part of our lives despite  OUR  lack of participation. She's a homebody. I'm a homebody.  I'm tired, she's teething. Going and doing everything just doesn't feel quite normal yet, you know? 
Read here for more on moms of only ONE child..

Where was I at? Oh yes, teething:

Another new things this month:
She gives kisses.
For real.
You pucker up and she opens a slobbery mouth and plants it right on your  mouth and just in case you weren't sure she was really kissing you, she wiggles it around and grabs both of your cheeks just so you know, "THIS is a kiss, my dear!"
Before I had Dahlia, I saw other kids do this, or they would do it to me, and I would almost gag from the amount of slobber and kind of thought it was like my mom's dog Jasmine licking me in the mouth. Gross.
Funny how things change. I beg Dahlia for about 500 kisses a day.

'Love this new thing!:
She's reaching.
For toys, for food, for remotes and phones but mostly for me. Can't beat that feeling!

She has a new skill:
She scoots backwards while laying on her belly and rolls like a ball. But not at the same time. That would be a tad strange.  If I put her on the ground to play with her toys and walk away,  I come back to either a.) a baby who has rolled herself practically to the kitchen b.) a baby that has half of her body stuck under the couch or c.) a baby that has scooted herself 3-4 feet in the oposite direction of where her toys are. A backwards crawler perhaps? :)

Also, new:
Clinginess and stranger anxiety is IN DA HOUSE!!! Her version of stranger anxiety is this: she buries her face and makes sad, distressed face and cries in the most heartbroken tone of voice you could imagine. It seems the very thought of someone who isn't me or John even looking at her breaks her heart and personally offends her to the point of tears. It's pretty cute, endearing and funny but makes the object of her anxiety feel like crap I'm pretty sure.

New food!
As a little reward for making it through RSV, I started giving her food-food. Cereal. Organic Brown Rice Cereal to be exact. I know, empty calories with no nutritional value. BUT it's what I wanted to do and she was excited, so we did it. She likes the taste (I mix it with my milk) but it's the texture she is getting used to. I have given birth to a Super Gagger Deluxe courtesy of John Culpepper  a.k.a "The Gagginest Man North of the Mississippi". I'm sure you've heard of him.  Getting her used to textures is quite the process.  We start our orange veggies today. I am excited about that. We'll see how she does.  It's funny, she knows that as soon as the bib goes on and the bowl is in sight that it's party time. She drops her toys and starts wiggling ecstatically only to take 3-4 bites and then try to attack the bowl and rub every once of cereal in her eyes and gag incessantly just for dramatic effect. That girl...who's is she? ;)

Watch here for her cuteness.

I'm pretty sure she says 'Hi'.
Everytime I go get her out of her bed after a nap she squeals with delight and then says, "hi". If she's trying to get the cat's attention, she yells quite dramatically (again,who's kid is this??) "HHHIIIII!!!" until Lola acknowledges her which, is rare unless Dahlia is in distress.
Lola and Dahlia are becoming friends though. It seems DJ is the first baby in history to gain the affections and attention of this crazy cat and Dahlia is delighted by her. So cute! If the baby cries, the cat runs to investigate. If the baby is in distress, Lola also lets our her distressed cry and runs to sniff the kid. Really??  This makes me really want to get "sister" pictures done with those two. I'm not kidding either.

A few other fun things:
She rolls around her crib and gets lodged in the silliest of positions.
She loves to look out the window when we are in the car, noticing everything.
She is overwhelmed by fast talkers and loud people..still.
She has a very serious side and somber with most people

She has a raspy voice and the sweetest laugh :) Listen here:

She notices and is very intruiged by "big kids"... babies who are
 walking and toddler age kids.

She enjoys the outdoors very much.

We have morning dance parties and we have quiet music time in the afternoon.  She enjoys  classical music, jazz,  and sleeping to Bon Iver (who doesn't?) James Taylor and Sigur Ros.

She loves playing with her friends

What a month, what a baby!

More photos of her 6 month self to come!!
Stay tuned..

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