Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello personality!

I couldn't pick just one for the "official 6 month" photo because there is so much personality in each one. I love them all. So here you go, outtakes and all...

 Doing well at sitting up despite the fact that she acts like her teeth weigh an extra 10 pounds each so at any given time she holds her mouth crooked to one side and gets dramatic about it..

her hair still appears to be either dark blonde or light brown. 

she is super curious about everything especially ceiling fans and my mouth when I talk..

"there's only room for one of us in this shot. Get outta' here!"

"I'm sorry, come back"

"I love you, my Dahlia Jane bear!"

"But seriously get out of here.."


 *innocent and precious*

"If I lean back like this it makes my ears stick out a whole bunch"

"who dat?"

"Your shirt is pretty"

she's practicing her DJ skillz by doing a pretend turn-table move on the left..

She's full of personality..
We haven't a clue where it comes from..

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