Friday, July 2, 2010

God bless my blanks

I've been a tadge busy this week! So glad that it's the holiday weekend.
God bless America and YOU :)

1.  This weekend for The 4th of July I'll be       nursing my husband back to life. He has a hurt back and is a bit immobile. Hopefully I will get to experience some "culture" at our town's carnival. Church and hopefully some fun with friends.

2.  Fireworks are      make me ooh and ahh still  .

3.  Nothing says summer like       Tropical Snow and toes in the grass. Bike rides and evening walks .Cookouts and trips to the pool between vacations to the beach  .

4.  My favorite summer memory is     working camp Agape and meeting this really interesting and funny guy who I fell in love with and married 2 years later  .

5.  My favorite thing about Summer is     its a weird tie between vacationing and breezy warm nights where I walk and talk with my husband .

6.  Summer in a word is    heaven . Even on the sweltering days  .

7.  If I could choose to have summer or winter year round I'd pick      well now I'd say summer but ask me again in a few weeks when it's 100+ out there I'll say winter     .

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