Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shower Success

I loved throwing this past shower for my friend Joan. Rebecca and I are quite the team.
She works the food and I work the decor. It's completely fun. It's completely challenging too.
Finding the cutest, inexpensive ways to create something marvelous for the mother-to-be. We had a lot of help this time. Friends from our small group brought food, helped set up, tear down. It was so nice to have lots of help this time!

Baby Daphne is expected at the beginning of next month.
Seeing Joan get some of her most desired essentials was great. 

It's so easy and wonderful to throw a shower for such a sweet and appreciative beauty.

We had a tea party type shower. Complete with real vintage china and homemade scones!

Orchids! Mommy Joan's favorite!

Homemade tissue poms

Hard to see but it says "Welcome, Daphne!"

Some of the most delish cakes I have ever eaten. I frequented the chocolate one!

isn't she cute??

homemade bath salts for our guests!

Hadley and Mandolin make the most out of the table 

Some of my best small group girls!

Who knows what Krysti was laughing about.. it was definitely something good!

Aren't girls so fun to dress?!

Overcome with emotion...she's still gorgeous!

Some more cute guests *snuggles and squeals*

So as you can see,.it was beautiful. Joan was the centerpiece to the occasion and she glowed. She is one of the most beautiful people I know and pregnancy only enhances her natural beauty!

I can't wait for the next one! 
Showers are the funnest!

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