Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby shower #1

It's that time...Baby shower time!

I had my first baby shower this past weekend in my hometown, Indianapolis.
My mom and sister put it on and it was divine!
There was a chocolate fountain that interested me more than the presents...well, almost.
But seriously:
Dipping things (mostly my fingers) in chocolate is always #1 in my book.

There were people there from my church growing up, family members, high school friends, long lost family members and college friends. It was perfect.
I am one of those super blessed people who gets TWO showers.



This cute little invitation.
Precious, I'd say.

Bright mini-bouquets on every table. Adorable!

The Table of Heaven..

Me, partaking in the Table of Heaven

seriously, it's my secondary love language :)

Not the most flattering picture but hey, what pictures ARE flattering these days?
I loved that John got to be there. Even though he refused to talk while he was sitting there and just handed me gifts like my Lady in Waiting. It was strange.  He gets a tadge awkward when all eyes are on him.
It's cute. On our wedding day (sidenote, by the way) all throughout our ceremony I was certain he was not happy he was marrying me. But alas, he was just nervous to be in front of other people while declaring his love for me (kind of strange and out of character if you know him!).  Anyway. He's my favorite baby daddy ever. Word.
And he is glad he married me..(I just asked)

First present of the day..

My second hostess with the mostess, Christianna Grace.

I got my bassinet! This handy piece of paper was telling me it is being shipped to my house.

4 Generations!

Me and my cousin, Mandie, who I haven't seen in seriously 15 years.
Yay for reunions!

Some of my high school girls. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

The man of the hour, Dahlia's Daddy.

And us, the Parents to-be. 
She's going to be here soon..

 And I should have a picture of all of our loot but I don't. I guess the fact that there are people celebrating this little miracle inside of me was first on my priority list that day. I cried while getting ready that morning.
It was very surreal.
People were so excited about MY baby. What!!?
My mom cried when she talked about it, which made me cry.
We were all crying at the shower..
But for once, tears of joy!
My cup runneth over.

We are overjoyed that we are getting to experience this 9 month miracle which took 23 months to get here..
She's such a celebrated baby. I KNOW she is going to be an amazing little person who does great things for the Lord. I just can't wait to see her!
Until then, I will sort her ADORABLE stash of baby things and prepare the best I know how.

Now, I eagerly await shower #2!
Yee haw!


  1. Yay! How fun!!!! Everything is so pretty and I love the invitation!!! You just radiate love!!! Gorgeous mama!!!

  2. That's awesome! I love the invitations...and that chocolate fountain looks to-die-for....not good to be craving chocolate on the day I take my 2nd glucose test ;)