Monday, June 27, 2011

Get inspired by these Blogging Beauties!

Mondays are a great day to get inspired.
 Here are a couple of new "friends" I have found in the blog world who inspire me greatly!
Check them out if you have time:

Jessica @ Happy Together is so cute!
Check out her maternity picture dress. Oh man. So cute and creative.
I think this will be a fun place for fun home and "mom" ideas! 
I am wanting to do a chalkboard project in my house and THIS  gem is so awesome! 
Look and drool!

Sneak Peak:

My new real-life kindred friend, Tanya, who blogs over @ Percolating Projects
is a creative genius!
I think we are going to have fun junking (as she calls it) adventures and work ourselves into a project frenzy.. or work our husbands into a "oh man, you are doing what now?" frenzy. Either, or.  
She's fun! Also, funny. I love it when great bloggers don't take themselves too seriously and have a sense of humor. 
She just builds her own bed and stuff like that, no big deal...


And last but not least, Lauren @ Because I'm Yours.
What an uplifting blog!
Encouraging, real, Jesus-filled and fun to look at :)
I stop in regularly to get motivated and reminded of Whose I am..
Read this post on Extending Grace. It's filled with truth and goodness!

I love other's who share their creativity in humble way!
 I  somtimes think I am creative but really I think it's a spazzy mind that I like to call a pretty word: creative.

Get inspired with me and check these ladies out!

Happy reading and project-ing!

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  1. Hi Missy! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! (Take Two Designs--be sure to check out my new and, hopefully, improved blog, Home and faith!) I was going to email you back, but couldn't find an address. The best surfaces I have found for a chalkboard are glass and metal. I tried cardboard, but that was a big fat FAIL. lol Hope that helps! God bless!