Friday, June 17, 2011

Project #2

Project #2..

My dear friend Rebecca had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. She appreciates the homemade, handmade gifts more than the average bear and since I am feeling extra crafty (and am limited on resources these days) this was a perfect opportunity to make something fabulous for this fabulous friend.

So this is what I started with-

OLD WINDOWS from my garage.

my new BFF, the palm sander

(love this little guy!)

'Got my sand on..
(P.S.-If I look miserable here, I was. It was 95 degrees that day and there was NO wind. None. I think I baked my baby a little too much that day.)

Moving right along..
I chopped the window in half because a.) I thought the whole window was a tad large for what I was doing and b.) the top half was rotten.

So... chop suey!

with some minor repairs

some fresh paint

a large ammount of cleaning

more palm sanding. 

Then, my lovely assistant helped with the knobs
and the back hooks.

 and the finished product:
A fun decoration/ coat hook/ display thingy.

The birthday girl :
She was so excited she exuded light out of her mouth! It's a magical birthday window!
Just kidding.
Silly flash.
I think she liked it a lot.

I am going to make one for my baby too. I got her 4 knobs and hope to hang her sweet kitty cat robes and fun 3 inch long newborn hoodies from it!  Makes me want to squeal!

I recently acquired  a bird cage that I am going to repaint for the baby's room and a chair that needs sanded and repainted, not to mention the bookshelf  that needs a face-lift and the name sign I was going to paint for her.. I have PLENTY of projects to keep me busy during my nesting phase!
2 more months is all I have left. 
I better get crack a lackin'!

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  1. Wow, I appreciate the gift so much more now that I see how much work was put into it :)
    I do love it, thats for sure!!!