Friday, June 24, 2011

Key words and more color

I'm so project ADD right now.
Just as soon as I get one two three four projects to do, I get a wild hair to redo my bedroom now too.
We have to rearrange it to accommodate our sweet pea's co-sleeper anyway and since I am going to have to redo everything, I figured (budget permitting) I may as well just give 
the room the wee face-lift while we're at it.
Key words: budget permitting.
Which it's not at the moment.
I am going to start saving though.

The green and yellow damask/ vintage look is great but the bedding is falling apart.
I'm trying to salvage it little by little but it's just starting to look a little shabby but not in a chic way.
I am ready for some more colors but also some darker business in there too. And I do love me some gray. 

I have my eye on a couple of possibilities so far a quilt from Urban Outfitters is winning.
John liked it the most.
And I like for him to like the things I decorate with. Even though I ALWAYS reserve the right to veto and/or trump his suggestions ;o) I have a big 'ol empty frame I'd like to put above our bed after I repaint it (that's one of the already listed projects).

I think this one may be our choice..we'll see.
Remember the key words? Oh yeah, it may be a while.

Sidenote: budgeting is really awesome HOWEVER,  when I am in turbo re-do/ nesting mode, not so much.
'Could be worse...

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