Thursday, June 9, 2011

A place for Sweet Pants to put her sweet pants

I had looked and looked for a dresser that I acutally liked for our daughter's room. And after a month of looking I was highly annoyed at a.) the cheapness of many things and how they aren't well-made and b.) the prices for both cheap and well-made things.
I wasn't about to spend hundreds of $$ on something made of plywood and particleboard. And I don't have the $$ for super expensive things.
I wanted vintagey anyway so the hunt was on.

 Me and Craig's List became good friends but Craig's little list consumed way too much of my time and I was overwhelmed with "dresser obsession".

Then after talking with a friend one day and telling her what I wanted she found exactly what I was looking for in .5 seconds on CL and that was our winner. She has "THE Gift", I guess.
(that's the way it always goes for me when I am shopping. If I have the money, I never find what I want, If I am not looking and ususally don't have the money, there are options galore. Annoy. Ing.)

Anywho. We ended up getting a solid wood, antique dresser with a mirror (which we are going to use somewhere else in our house because I love mirrors, not to see myself in but for light reflection purposes. Makes everything look so much brighter and bigger! {which is the reason I am not down for looking at myself in them at the current moment})and a night stand. She won't be having any night caps right away so we will find another use for the nightstand until she starts using her big girl bed. I don't even want to talk about that. How cute is that thought? A big girl bed for my Sweet One. Geeze! Can't handle it.

So this is what it looked like to begin with:

And Daddy lovingly made it more like Baby Pep's style
(I was the producer, he executed. He is loving to do projects for his daughter. THE SWEETEST!)

And the finished product (pardon my clutter)

So all together this was a rather cheap project.
The fact that the previous owner had sanded and re-painted was a time and money saver!

The dresser, mirror and nightstand: $100
Spray paint for the handles: $3
And paint for the faces:  $1

So after buying the dresser I spent $4 on personalizing this little treasure.
Pretty good, I'd say.
Now for the sorting of the clothes..
That's a whole other project!


  1. mmmmm waaaaaay cute! Can't wait to see pics of a cute lil batoot on there too! But not her actual can get in trouble for posting those you know! :)