Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Shower #2

Let me just say,
I am blessed beyond all belief that not only I am loved but that this little treasure in my belly is SO loved and SO celebrated and anticipated. I don't think it's like this for everyone who is expecting. How did I hit the jackpot?!?
God is good. That's the long and the short of it. 
When he blesses, he blesses big. 
When you wait for something and pray faithfully with endurance, I personally think he rewards that in a BIG way. 
So, with that said, this second shower was just further proof that He  continues to bless me beyond just being pregnant.
Friends  are celebrating this kid, this answer to prayer like nobody's business.  Friends who have bought  me, John and Baby DJC gear, things, clothes, who have prayed continually before and during my pregnancy, who are consistent and present for this pregnancy- THEY ROCK MY WORLD. 
Thank you, God.

I not only got the desire of my heart but I got the bonus deal : Family and friends who are psyched out of their minds for the arrival of MY baby! Woot!

That being said, I've not only had one amazingly beautiful shower but I had another a couple of weeks ago.
Every detail was well thought out, well-planned and fit me and Baby to the 'T'.
I'll quit talking now.. enjoy the prettiness :)

friends everywhere!

we got hooked up :)


She got personalized, that's for sure. She already looks adorable in it!

Some of my dearest and best. Faithful prayer warriors, for sure.

We're 6 days apart and our girls can't wait to meet each other :)

Lovely ladies who attended DJC's partay..

See? It was fabulous. And I loved it.

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  1. DJC's party constantly seems cool. She looks pretty wearing a baby droll.

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