Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coming soon..

Well, remember that one time that I told you about my  project ADD? Well, it's still very much alive and kickin', this ADD. It's rather intense to be real honest. (Yes I am aware that's not proper grammar..)

So, while having a million things to do (slight exaggeration), I still miss my blog. And I have about 5 (not an exaggeration) posts in my head that will make for interesting reading either on here or on my other blizzity, Surrender Story .

Coming soon:

  •  Stolen baby projects
  • Baby shower #2 recap and picture extravaganza
  • Some sort of blog about friendship. It's probably going to be @ S.S. check there soon
  • A montage of my pregnancy (as if you weren't already bored of hearing about it)
  • and some other post that doesn't have a name in my head yet.

Sounds tantalizing doesn't it?!
Yep. Sure does!

Come back and check me out.

I would like to say that I will become more "regular" in my blogging  but we all know that's silly since a certain Dahlia Jane is going to be coming in 6 weeks or so. 
Apparently, being a stay at home wife/mom requires a lot more of my time than sitting at my desk at my old job did.  I'm sure the blogging world will go on but just in case you are so sad and miss my regular posting-
keep checking back!
Eventually I will stop being so spazzmotic  and settle down with the creating/nesting enough to formulate my thoughts into a witty post of some sort.

Have a happy week!
Find a pool, any pool, even if it's not yours and soak in it. It's going to be hot.

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