Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Best Ships, a series

I'm starting a series of Lessons I've Learned in Friendship next week.
I will do a little teaser on this blog everyday but the real post, the serious part, will be on my other blog Surrender Story. So check there for the longer posts!

So. Why a series and why friendship?
Friendship is a topic that is very dear to my heart because I love my friends. (that's simple enough). They are essential to my life. I was created to be in healthy relationships with people and I crave that. The things is this though: many of my relationships in my 29.75 years have been unhealthy, really hard, co-dependent, awkward, hurtful. Some, a select few, have been easy, instantly awesome, long lasting and real. They have "survived" the good, the bad and the ugly.
 The thing I have struggled with most is finding balance. I mean, don't we all struggle with achieving balance in all things? But female friendships can really be challenging! Don't get me wrong in this, I don't over psychoanalyze everything. I can tend to but I don't. Not on this, not anymore But I do think that good friendships take thought. They take time. They take effort. And that's where the trueness of a friendship can be tested.

I love the easy, carefree, silly, fun moments in a true friendship but let's be honest here: friendships can be messy. They can be hard. They go through different phases, and that's ok. I love that my friendships are constantly changing, going through seasons. To stay at the same place in a friendship can be just as challenging as a constantly evolving one!

I would venture to say, the more genuine effort you put into a friendship, the better off you are as a person. You learn to be selfless. You learn to love. You learn to be consistent, you learn to grow. Some of the most heavenly of lessons I have learned from my earthly friends.
 Even Jesus  needed friends. He cherished them. Some let him down, some betrayed him. But a few stuck with him until he ascended and some even died for him. He was the ultimate friend. He is the friend who sticks closer than a brother or sister. He layed his life down for his friends (that's us!) So there is a lot to be learned from him (duh, understatement of the century!)

So starting next week, I will be sharing some of my opinions about friendship, some of my own personal struggles and learned lessons. I am not a psychologist. I am not a friendship guru. I am just someone who loves real relationships and craves to know my God better through them. This is a post I have prayed about a lot and have spent hours writing. 
It may be more for my benefit that I wrote it, I'm not sure yet. It was good for me to reflect as I worked out my thoughts and it was quite therapeutic for me to recall my past experiences.  I hope it will be a helpful week of posts for you too.

So I will see you next week with some tidbits of friendship here on Misinterpretations and some serious goodness over at Surrender Story. Tomorrow, John stays home just because so there will be no FiB Friday here! I'm going to the baby dr. and  spending some alone QT with my man. Go to Lauren's place and follow all the fun blanks over there!

Happy weekending :)

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