Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 will be challenging

That's not as negative as it sounds. Promise. Read on.

I usually don't do resolutions. Though I do resolve to do things every new year, the word resolution scares me a little. 
But I do enjoy a good challenge.
So this is what I am doing for 2012 I issued myself some "challenges".
Some are light-hearted. Some are heavy.
Either way, I feel like they are doable. Challenging but doable.

Challenge #1 Be better to my skin

with skin cancer running in our family and a skin tone that tans exceedingly fast the pretty tans I get in the summer could (hopefully not) cause a not-so-pretty problem later in life..
So. I will start washing my face more often, spf- ing everyday, wear hats in  the summer and just be kinder in general to the shell I was given. Seems easy enough, yes? Ask me in June when I am desperate for color and warmth!

Challenge #2 Use my fondue pot more often.

I like dipping things. It's fun. Why don't I do it more often? Who knows!?

Challenge #3 Spending more time in prayer for my friends and family.

 I want to be faithful and consistent in this. 

Challenge #4 To not say anything negative about myself.

This may prove to be most challenging. I have a theory. What is it? So glad you asked.. it's that when we speak negative things (true or not) about ourselves, we believe it. When we believe it, we act it. And thus the vicious cycle starts. Part B of my theory is this: when you speak negatively of yourself even if it's just in your mind (this counts too!!) you tend to do it more so about others. Yuck. 
I hope to not have to keep restarting this challenge over and over. 

Challenge #5  View "Do with what you have" differently

Usually we say "oh I'll just do with what I have" as a result of missing out on the bigger, better, seemingly more promising option. I have ANOTHER theory. What is it?? Again, so glad you are asking these good questions.. "what you have" is all you are supposed to have. Not saying you aren't supposed to be able to buy things, receive things, take opportunities. Of course, that's normal and good (needs) but always wanting more and then thinking what you have currently is second rate only develops an insatiable hunger for things. Entitlement. A pretty negative thing these days. 
God's best is perhaps a very tangible thing for everyone and not an unattainable mysterious jackpot of bigger and better possessions and opportunities.  Part B of this theory : this ends the "keeping up with the Jones' attitude and also, leaves more time for other Challenges.  ENOUGH. This is the key word for this challenge.

I might have some challenging times with my challenges but I hope I have more victories this year than not.

DO you have any resolutions? Challenges? Giving anything up or are you incorporating anything new?
I'd like to hear about it!
I love ideas <3

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