Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Month #5

Yesterday Miss Dahlia Jane Culpepper celebrated 5 months of being in the world by being in rare form. She was HY. PER. A very funny girl, who didn't nap but instead wanted to play and giggle most of the day.
I'm thinking, 5 months is very close to 6 months which is half of a year. She may as well be starting high school... My baby is almost in college!!!! AHHH!
Just kidding. It's not that bad. But time does fly, which, I know, I frequently mention. 
(Excuse all my misplaced commas for those of you who count my splices)

And in case you didn't get it the past 4 months, TIME IS FLYING!!
She's so fun, though. I've loved all of her stages just as much as the others..

Talk about personality! This babe is not lacking in that department..

New in Month #5:
This month she rolled over for real.  Last month she rolled but then forgot so I didn't really count it. This week she's been a machine.
Multiple times in a row. Front to back, back to front.
SO it's official, she's a little bit mobile. That's why most of my pictures now turn out like so:

She's a jumping machine..She loves her jumperoo with a passion. Usually before you put her in it, she starts kicking her legs and making fun noises, like she know the party is about to start so she's warming up.

She's very aware. So much so, that she will all but break her neck to find out what's going on. She knows she's cute. 

She smiles her life away..

not a bad way to spend a life

She thinks I'm hilarious (until John gets home)

(pardon the shot up my nose here..)

Her eyes are blue with some green.
Mine are green with some blue.
They don't look like they will go brown so much.
Sorry John, maybe the next one..
(note: this "next one" is not in the works yet.. )

She shows interest in certain toys. She loves Violet! One of the best Christmas presents she got, I think. It says her name, spells, sings...now, if it could just change her diaper and nurse her at 2:30 a.m...

As I mentioned, she thinks I'm hilarious until John gets home then she searches for him anytime he leaves as if to say, "Hey, where did the funny guy who tells me how beautiful I am every five seconds go??"
And as you can see this could possibly be setting the tone for our family dynamic..

"Love him!"

"Uh, whatever, mom"
My family say she is the spitting image of me, looks, personality, the whole enchilada.
She's silly like her daddy though. That's my favorite part.

 So, as you can see..
She's growing a lot. 
She's changing always..

 She's still small in so many ways.

We go to the doctor tomorrow. I am expecting that she will be 20 pounds-ish and 26-27 inches. I don't weigh her or measure on my own. I like to wait and be surprised. Daddy is taking the day off to go with us since it's a shots visit. And last time I was crying more than she was.
I will report back with her stats and how the shots went. 

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