Friday, January 20, 2012

A fun little discovery

I might be the last to know about these. I'm not sure. I kind of quit looking at blogs there for about 5 months but a fran of  mine shared the wonder that is Subscription Boxes...

I'm always mesmerized by all the fun and fancy things at the Sephora or Ulta check out lines. (the whole 2 times a year I am there to buy my Bare Minerals)
And I always kind of hope that I have a little extra to spend at the salon to get fun hair products. Which professional hair products are more than a "little extra" anyway.  I'm convinced if I had the money for either, I would be a walking advertisement for name brand cosmetics and high end stuff. And that's not my bag, baby.I'm cheap. And on a budget. And kind of in love with more natural things anyway.
OH! And I like free things. Man, do I love free things! But I'm still pretty girly when it comes to fun things like this. Unfortunately Fortunately, buying a full size anything professional or high end usually leaves me with a huge case of buyers remorse anyway. So when my fran shared this marvelous wonder, voila! A happy compromise was reached

I recently signed up for Birchbox which is the best idea I've heard of in quite sometime.
You get lots of little samples, save lots of money and feel like you get a present every month.
I like all of these things! It's not free but it's pretty close.
Yes, you pay. $10 to be exact but shipping is free.

When/ if the budget permits and Dahlia is a bit older, I want to sign up for BabbaBox too!

Looks so fun!
and quite affordable for most, I'd say.

Anyway. I'm excited for my next month's box to arrive.
My sample of perfume broke en route and scented the box and my sample of granola quite heavily but that's ok..Hoping it was just the super cold weather that day that made the glass super breakable. I didn't care enough about the scent to call them and complain. If it happens again, though, watch out BirchBox human resource people because I'm sort of obsessed with perfume ;)

I think there were 5 items in all in my box and I've used all but the granola and obviously the samply of Juicy, which I already had anyway.  Love them all so far! 

My favorite
(since I love having my nails painted)

Zoya brand polish in

its a lavenderish gray color. LOVE.
(it's the second one in from the left)

here is a little somethin' somethin' about it too which makes me like it even more:
Zoya pioneered the “Three Free” movement, creating colors without formaldehyde, tuolene, or dibutyl phthalate. Their shades are so safe that even pregnant women can wear them. Recently, they’ve taken it one step further by also removing camphor from their polishes. Best of all, their polishes last about 50 percent longer than other brands, which means you can sport a chip-free manicure for days and days.

Ooh, this means Dahlia can wear it too!!
(once her hands are OUT of her mouth on a consistent basis..which will be like in 4th grade, maybe?)

Thought I'd share. I'm not one to keep fun things to myself or hoard a good idea!

I'm hardly on top of trends these days either but I thought if you were like me and you like a taste of the fancy stuff but don't want to spend an arm and a leg to get a taste, this is the way to do it!

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